Poki is a chatbot for your group chat discussion! Meet Poki via Telegram [@poki_en_bot] or [@poki_kr_bot].

Here are Poki’s main features:

  1. Manage discussion time.
  2. Inform about participants and non-participants.
  3. Let you know participation ranking.
  4. Organize individual member’s opinions.
  5. Summarize overall discussion.

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  • August 2019

    Alpha version of GroupfeedBot for user study

  • October 2019

    Alpha version of Poki for your group. We are continually developing!


27 Sep 2019 . tech . Poki? Comments

POKI, a chatbot agent that could facilitate group discussions by managing the discussion time, encouraging members to participate evenly, and organizing members’ opinions.



Drop me an email if you are interested in me or saving your groups!